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  • If you have the time, would appreciate some feedback

    Hello everyone!

    I must start by saying the I simply love 3D Cart. The service is fantastic!

    I have searched the forum here and found some interesting suggestions to improve my site. I do however have a favor. If anyone can offer some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I am not looking for details, just the basics like meta tags for traffic and overall appearances.

    Welcome to Skin-a-Licious - all natural, no animal testing bath and beauty products at prices you can finally afford

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can use website grader to get a rough idea of what you can improve for SEO, this is not all but fairly a good indication of how your website is doing compared to others: | Website Grader Report

    Overall you site looks delicious
    Elegant Weddings +


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      Thanks I will do that, very nice site! Thanks :)


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        Help with overall apperance of your site...


        I know you post is old but I wanted to give some feedback if you are still looking for it? When you look at my website... Dog Boutique Online - Buy Dog Products Strollers Joggers College Dog Clothes Pet Apparel Online, you get a little bit of warm an fuzzy, well in my opinion at least. When you go on your site, it's more plain and uninviting. It's too white. You need some color, some love. Your selling spa products mostly right, when I go to a spa site to buy products, I want it to be pretty and inviting and feel good. If your customers feel good, they are more likely to buy. Now people might disagree with this but I am a girl and I have owned an ecommerce site for some time now and I think looks do matter. I am in many comparison shopping engines and my prices are usually not the lowest but people still buy from me. I have been told that my site was chosen over a competitors because it felt safer, looked nicer, cleaner, etc... People make purchases based on all different factors. Easily you can clean up your design and add some pretty to it. might be a less expensive way to do so. Just go to Etsy and put in the search 'web design' or 'website' and you will find so many people that either have designs you can use or can make something nice for you.


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          Hi Helen67. Additional met tags tips. Make sure you don’t repeat the same keywords in the description.

          And also, I don't know if you are already aware of this but avoid writing a description meta tag that has no relation to the content on the page.
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            Just finished a webinar with Tim Ash from Website Conversion Optimization - Landing Page Experts | SiteTuners CRO specialists. this morning. He critiqued several sites live for 30 minutes (I've been to 6 of his webinars and had him critique our old site when he was in Chicago last year). 2 quick observations - lose the rotating banner - they kill conversion rates 2 - you have no trust seals no BBB- Geotrust etc and nowhere do you say how you get paid - credit cards Paypal etc

            We also just added 4-tell this past Sunday and it actually seems to be pushing up conversions slightly