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How not to lose link building...

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  • How not to lose link building...

    My existing site has a PR2 which isn't great but it's taken a long time to get there. I am workimg on a new site in 3dcart and I'm not sure how to name pages and categories so I don't undo what I've gained.

    For example on my existing site:
    Soy Candles Tarts Melts Accessories by CT River Candles

    has been used by other sites to link to....

    On my 3dcart site, still named "" until I report the name servers...

    What should I title the Soy Candles category or products?? Right now it's showing up as:


    Also, my existing site has a resources page that has alot of two way links....For now I've created a Resources page that contains all the links within 3dcart but I'm assuming I'm going to need to split it into the same page titles that I have on my existing site...yes??

    Appreciate any help....starting to realize this is becoming alot harder than I realized.....