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Tynt for SEO - a game changer

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  • Tynt for SEO - a game changer

    check out Tynt Publisher Tools - Improve your seo, keep users longer and measure your user engagement by leveraging the power of copy and paste - could be a game changer for SEO - 1 day - 14 new back links and the software is free.

    inbound & outbound keyword reporting

    PM me if you can't figure out how the get the traking code out of the URL.

    Ran it by 3dcart support - they were impressed and saw no issues.

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    Thanks for posting this link. I just got done installing the code, so we'll see what kind of info I get.

    Uta =)


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      Please let me know the results


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        My opinion is that this will not help unless you have a content heavy site with lots of articles and stuff people would want to scrape from, also the backlinks are pretty much worthless as they are just a link to the page without any anchor text. I think they are hyping this up in their sales video.


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          All I can say is hanzoswords - if you don't have a lot of content you're losing the SEO battle.

          Aside from the creation of back links, if you use the attribute feature with your URL - you can track social media sharing. We saw 30 new links in 72 hours - I've never gotten 30 (shareable) links in 72 hours.

          you get a full line of anchor text.

          Lastly the inbound and outbound keyword report is very useful for targeting traffic.

          As for "hyping this up in their sales video" - the software is free.
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            All I can say is I don't have a ton of content and I rank just fine. Please dont talk down to me about SEO. I do it for myself and other people.


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              I can see where it would benefit your site where you have a lot of content and articles but as far as link juice not so much in my opinion.