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  • Video Seo Is The New Hotness

    In case anyone doesnt know if you are struggling to get a certain page ranked for a keyword you may very well be able to get a youtube video ranked for that keyword on the first page of google. It's wide open right now but people are catching on so jump in while the getting is good. I can get vids ranked for low to medium competitive keywords as early as a few hours sometimes on the first page of google.

    If you add that vid to the content page you are trying to rank with a link from the youtube video to that page (in description right under vid) you can sometimes improve your rankings as well.

    If anyone is interested I can help you out would love to exchange for some graphic design work on my site.

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    How are you making your videos?


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      with iphone, ipad2, webcam or just a basic slideshow with music. can edit in imovie, windows movie maker.


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        Is the webcam quality good enough? I don't use an iPhone or iPad2


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          for most apps yets, the iphone 4 and 4s camera is plenty good its hi-def or you can buy a flip cam pretty cheap on amazon that are also hi def some of them support an external mic