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    Has anyone gotten emails from them or heard of them?

    I have not, and then all of a sudden this morning I have received 15 emails over the space of an hour with details of a new review posted for my store.

    Normally I would assume it is a scam/spam, but some of them are very specific to our store and definitely can't be generic.

    This would make sense if we had received one email per week or so.. but 15 in an hour?

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    I haven't heard of them, but I can confirm that 3dcart does not have any current partnership or affiliation with this company.

    Jimmy Rodriguez


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      I received something similar a few weeks ago. Checked it out they seem to be taking legitimate reviews from other sources (reseller ratings or google reviews?) but I didn't do enough research to find proof of where the reviews came from.

      Not sure what their goal is, ratings aggregation or just to try and lure Reseller Ratings customers since RR just had a large price increase.