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Tons of 404's in Webmaster Tools lately

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  • Tons of 404's in Webmaster Tools lately

    Lately we've been watching our list of 404's shoot through the roof on Google Webmaster Tools. The number has tripled over the past 3 months and we see about a 1,000 right now. What's odd is the URL's. For instance, here is one 404

    Which is linked from:

    We don't have any involvement with Etsy, so I have no clue what's going on here. Any ideas?

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    When I clicked on each link my computer threw out warnings about websites with bad reputations. You might consider looking at the sites linking in and block the culprit.


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      The links he posted are strange and start with I wonder if it was just a bad paste or what. The end of the address contains:


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        The is a dummy address because I didn't want to reinforce the bad links by posting them in public. So ignore that portion. Sorry for the confusion. If you want the real links, PM me. The problem is the links appear to be a combination of two. But there is no reason why we have links with etsy in them. Further, Google Webmaster Tools is reporting these are internally generated links. I'm very confused.