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  • Snippets Tool - Warning: Incomplete microdata with


    So we get this error with one of our sites, but not the other. You guys know what the cause could be?

    Warning: Incomplete microdata with

    We get it here-

    Landyachtz Switch 40" Bike Red Complete Longboard - 9.65x40

    but not here-

    Santa Cruz PBC PBR Drop-Down Komplettboard - 10x40

    I feel like it has something to do with the price seeing as that doesn't show up in the test.

    Any ideas?

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    Yesterday I discovered that the chart within Webmaster Tools that shows my structured data took a serious one day slide. As Spesh mentioned on 5/30, he noted a change too. I have gone over every line of my code and found it to be without errors, EXCEPT that it does not validate on the microdata tester. I get:

    Warning: Page contains property "price" which is not part of the schema.
    Warning: Incomplete microdata with

    The code I used was supplied in the 3D Knowledge Base.

    When I put any of my product pages through the tester, they all come up with this error. I have tried Googling for answers, but find none. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know what causes this or how serious this is?


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      Ours dropped also...

      We noticed this also in WMT structured data report. The graph dropped about 25% some time between the 7th and the 11th.

      Any ideas?



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        Microdata Changes

        I am stumped. I have been following every possible lead for 2 days now. No answers anywhere. I have been following my Structured Data daily for a few weeks. A DRASTIC one day drop is noticeable!
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          Celebra1, did your suggestion not work? Looks like a post was deleted.



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            Ours was also cut by two thirds on 6/11! Any ideas as to what changed at Google would be appreciated.


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              I was surprised to find that this sudden drop on 6/11 affected me as well. I added all of my structured data tags by hand, ignoring the 3DCart defaults, so I assumed it wouldn't affect me.


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                On a related note, I found this new tool that helps you interactively add tags to the correct spots on your page:


                Pretty slick.

                Any page I test in the tool seems fine. I am choosing not to worry about the chart's dropoff for now.


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                  Microdata Changes

                  I am still battling this. And yes, Brtp4 I did delete a post once I discovered my fix wouldn't work under all circumstances.

                  I have uncovered hints that additional microdata tags are required. Here's a full list and here's the Product tag list. Here is the link to Google's requirements. There are several schema code creators. Here's one. The drawback is for novices not knowing where to insert the tags.

                  I have found no definitive answer to why code that once validated no longer does. It (validator) keeps indicating incomplete data/a need for additional data. If I assume that the validator does not have a bug, then I deduce that Google may be requiring that the entire page include microdata markup, including those things not seen/shown onscreen. EX: manufacturer, mpn, condition.
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                    Structured Data Graph Drop

                    Are any other sites experiencing a major drop on their structured data stats? I have found postings online indicating others have been affected. No one knows "why". Do any of you know why this would happen? All my other Google stats are amazingly good. I'm still stumped. Admins, do you know why?
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                      yes, we are.



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                        ugggh SOS

                        I have over 1000 schema related errors how do i fix this and did this cause my site to get penalized ive lost most of my rankings and organic traffic (several months back)


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                          Schema Errors

                          Try reverting to the original templates and s-l-o-w-l-y make changes AFTER the next structured data crawl.


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                            i would lost my fb login addon that i had installed (im pretty much a code dummy)

                            is this what nuked my rankings? 1072 errors error says missing best or worst rating or price sometimes both.

                            if anyone can help me fix this for a reasonable price please feel free to email me at cs @ hanzoswords dot com


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                              I have not experienced any errors, but spent several weeks working through errors at launch.

                              My biggest challenge was setting up the price schema to handle all the various display options within 3dcart. My first several versions did not have the sale price embedded within the offers section. This caused me to get a large number of errors related to price.

                              If price is your challenge, make sure of the following:
                              1. Itemprop="price" is listed on your base price and sales price.
                              2. Make sure when showing your sales price, you do not have the itemprop="price" also showing on your base price.
                              3. Validate both your base price only and your sales price are within your itemprop="offers" and itemtype tags.
                              4. Review your schema when you have an out of stock situation. If you use notify if out of stock, you will want the price to be visible to validate.

                              Hope this can help someone.

                              The Wedding Printer