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  • Question about Duplicate Content

    I have 2 websites under 3D Cart and am getting ready to get a 3rd site going. All 3 sites will sell the same product but at different price levels. I know sites get dinged for duplicate content but how does this work if I own all 3 domains?

    I saw a slight hit to my sites after opening the 2nd site but am not sure if this was due to duplicate content or not.

    Should I change up the descriptions a bit or will this really matter if I am the registered holder of all 3 domain names?

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    Google doesn't care who the "registered holder" of a domain name is. Content on one site isn't considered duplicate of content on another site.

    But, using identical descriptions and everything but different prices would seem like a strange strategy and would probably hurt your SEO. Maybe give you two sites with pagerank 3 instead of one site with pagerank 4, something like that.

    Can't you just use one site and use the price levels feature?