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    My website business is seasonal. LAst here i had my own site using Zencart and began getting orders in September,

    This year we are midway through October using 3dcart and the only orderes ive received are ones i have directly sent to the site

    If i search my keywords in google i rank pretty well it shows, however if i use a rank checker tool it says my site is no where to be found.

    Whats the deal, i think i made a huge costly mistake switching to 3dcart

    Could people look up my keyword in google and see if they find me

    maine balsam wreaths

    Maine Balsam Wreaths - Fresh Maine Balsam Wreaths is my site

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    You are in position 3 for both my personalized search results and the global results.

    You might be a causality of the warm September we've all seemed to have experienced.




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      You are in position 3 at my location on Google.

      I used to run an eCommerce business that was Christmas seasonal. We had massive email campaigns going to previous customers to drive business.

      What marketing campaigns do you currently have running to create business?


      The Wedding Printer


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        Ok thats what im showing for position as well. We have sent out newsletters announcing new products as well as announcing that we are now accepting orders for the new season.


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          Just my opinion. Your statement on your home page of:

          Now Accepting orders for the 2013 season.

          We begin shipping on November 19th.

          Does not give me a sense of urgency to order from you today. Perhaps put a nice discount, such as if you order today save X amount.

          Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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            Google has made some changes again called "Hummingbird"

            I do see a decrease in business as well, but come to find out. Its because of the gov. shut down. has made some changes of their own that has been kept quite. Its called Hummingbird. Just keep up the work with the SEO on your site, blog, go into other forums and make sure your customer service is doing the best they can. Use live chat to offer assistance. This is all we can do, but keep up the work.

            David Hamlen
            Choice Checks LLC


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              Just my two cents:
              I don't see any "add to cart" or "Shop Now" buttons on the home page. I would add more calls to action.
              Maybe utilize the new 3dcart banner rotator with collages of your different wreaths and "Shop Now" buttons on the banners leading to the different categories.
              I would add "Add to Cart" buttons to your featured products on the home page.

              I would either revise the Product Listing Page template, or use a different one to bring the "Add to Cart" much higher on the page. It is way down there now. That is one of the problems with the right column, it takes so much space, and then the listing and category pages are all scrunched and things are pushed down the page.

              I was also very pleasantly surprised to see that you offer Free Shipping on all the Wreaths. WOW!. That should be in the header and on every page, not hidden on the shipping page.


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                Ok i will try changing this


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                  Don't lose hope, it isn't just you. I manage my own site and a lot of different clients, most everyone is down across the board. Unseasonably warm temps, gov shutdown etc. is really hurting everyone. They had an article in one of the business journals that retail sales were way down in September. I am crossing my fingers things will pick up soon.


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                    well glad its not just me, i hope things turn around for us all. Good Luck


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                      Slow Sales

                      During the slow sales. We all must make sure the site is ready for sales though. SEO every page (category, sub category and product) along with offering the best customer service you can offer. Use live chat and offer assistance with the customers. Keep on doing blogs, and posting on other blogs sites. Yes its slow right now, but you can keep on making the site and your company better. Were all hoping sales will pick up soon.

                      Choice Checks LLC