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    In early November I reached out to support seeking advice on how to include rich snippets for Google Webmaster tools - support told me - and there's a ticket to indicate this - that the only way to get rich snippets into Google Webmaster tools was to create a manual spreadsheet.

    Late last month I attended SES in Chicago and found a company that for $300 a month with spider my site and submit Rich snippets to Google Webmaster tools.

    With the contract on my desk, I was paying the last of my due diligence where I found by golly Rich snippets being fed to Google Webmaster tools from 3-D cart

    Circling back to support with this information I received a sheepish reply reversing the previous denial of the availability of Rich snippets coming directly from 3-D cart and a link to this KB from sometime in August of this year

    now I am receiving 435 errors for Rich snippets in Google Webmaster tools and it turns out based upon the several conflicting answers I received from support thus far - what I can figure out is that some of my templates are missing a single line of code having to do with the product description in Rich snippets

    I have just requested a quote from 3D cart sales to correct the one line of code necessary to eliminate the 435 errors in Google Webmaster tools.

    Where my frustration lies is in early November I paid 3-D cart hundreds of dollars to customize several templates.

    here's what I don't understand - when you open the admin there's a small box for "News"

    Facebook ad credits - 3-D cart theme store - bit coin webinars - but no mention of what is one of the most important upgrades done to this platform which is rich snippets.

    Going back to November - had someone in support actually known about this important feature (Rich snippets) - I could have requested that the one line of code necessary in all the templates be added while they were working on all of my templates.

    But because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing - I have to open up a painful 6 thread ticket to get a bunch of conflicting answers coming to conclusions on my own, opening up a new ticket with sales requesting for 3-D cart developers to go back into the templates to fix something that I could have had done in November when they were customizing ALL my templates.

    Why is this so hard?

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    It's a shame. Support often does not seem to have a full understanding of the platform. I only open tickets when my site is down.

    Maybe if you post what you're having trouble with here we can help you get your template's rich snippets fixed up. There have been many threads about rich snippets in the past.


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      Rich snippets

      Thank you CBSteven - I just have this one error about "products" it shouldn't be that complicated - the problem is 3-D cart allows support to serve up there "best guess" when in fact that's all it is.

      I would much rather have them simply tell me I don't have an answer than make stuff up, but the philosophy seems to be "close the ticket in any cost"

      The problem starts at the top. I hear radio ads for 3-D kart on the biggest news station in the Chicago metropolitan area. But nobody stops to tell me that Rich snippets are now available on my shopping cart.

      I'm an old-school kind of guy. I have 20+ years of food service experience in management & operations. one thing I learned is to take care of what you have in-house before you drive new customers under your roof.


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        Where do you need help on the rich snippets?


        The Wedding Printer


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          Rich Snippets errors

          I have 1232 products and 435 have the same error "This property is missing in the html markup or was not properly highlighted in the structured data markup helper. This may prevent the rich snippet from appearing."



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            Have you taken one of the products listed as an error and used the rich snippet testing tool from Google or Bing. This should provide some insight of the problem.

            Google Structured Data Testing Tool

            The Wedding Printer


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              I have and I know exactly what the error is but no one in support can tell me how to fix it other than pointing to a KB article.

              I've reached the conclusion that - and the error has to do with the product name is missing on about one third of our products - that the rich snippets code is missing or corrupted in 2 or 3 templates I use five.

              the KB article doesn't really explain exactly where to place the code -

              so I come toThe conclusion with 3-D kart you get what you pay for - so I'm just going to throw some money at the developers to fix the problem and
              I don't have time to deal with a lot of these knuckleheads in support - I mean I clearly catch them making things up - so that's how I'm going to fix the issue -

              It's kind of like their site map that is always broken - I just went out and bought a bunch of hosted by third-party for 10 bucks a month and they all work all the time.

              or why on God's green earth is a clear site cache button on the BOTTOM of very long page? - who thinks this stuff up?


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                I understand and I sympathize with you.

                Here is a quick diagnosis of the issue. You only have microdata set up for customer reviews. The products that have reviews have microdata for the reviews. Products without reviews have no microdata.

                The template builders did not include the basic microdata that should be on every page. This would include:
                • name
                • image
                • description
                • brand
                • category
                • identifier
                • price
                • currency
                • availability

                Hope this helps in your efforts solving this issue.


                The Wedding Printer


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                  micro data

                  you're the man jeff - thank you! Happey New Years


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                    The real problem

                    I reached out to a higher pay grade at 3dcart and here's the analysis & soulution

                    The issue is strictly with the Itemprop="name". Make sure you insert it into the Product Name Tag as noted in the knowledge base ( All other tags seem to be working fine.


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                      When you say "Product Name Tag" where would we find that? We are still not able to get this to work and that link in the knowledge base above does not work.

                      Thank you,
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