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Only the Main (index) page showing up on search results

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  • Only the Main (index) page showing up on search results

    Having sort of a strange issue... I have 80 different pages on my website, I know its not large, thats not the problem.

    We sell Tungsten Rings. When I Google 'Tungsten Rings' only the home page comes up, not the actual 'tungsten ring' page with the main page for our rings.

    Also, when we Google 'Mens Tungsten Rings' again, only the main (index) page comes up and not the actual page of the mens tungsten ring page that we created.

    All of our pages are indexed and we have the url, meta, title and description all tweaked for each page.

    Has anyone else ever seen this before? Any advice?

    Thank you very much,

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    Indexed Pages

    Google keeps changing their algorithm. Don't worry about it too much. You have over 200 pages indexed. Another search will produce a different result. Also, when you search be sure to be in private browsing mode. Google watches what you search for and gives results based on your history if you don't do that. Your results in any search can vary based on the search engine too. Each uses the information in your listing differently.


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      Hi celebra1, Thank you very much.