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CSS Sprites to Speed Up Load Times

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  • CSS Sprites to Speed Up Load Times

    Has anyone looked into using CSS Sprites to decrease load times? Was looking for some ways to improve my page load times and came across this. Seems like a good theory. Looks to me though that it would take a good deal of modifying to the standard templates to get it done.

    A bit of info: CSS Sprites: What They Are, Why They're Cool, and How To Use Them | CSS-Tricks

    Has anyone tried it?

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    Yes, I use them. I can't tell the difference but it is undeniable that they make the page load faster.
    Google does (or used to) have a page speed test tool which heavily recommended sprites.

    There are a lot of tools out there to help you automate the sprite generation process, such as CSS Sprite Generator


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      Not to be off topic or anything but does the webmaster of that website know how to use "spell check"? Sorry it just made me giggle. Thanks for the info in this post cbsteven, something else for me to consider :-)


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        Did you have to make the modifications in the template or can it be done through the 3dCart admin? Thanks for the link to the sprite tool!

        I assume this would require template changes but most of the 'language' fields and such except HTML. I try to customize that way when ever possible. As time goes on I've been trying not to modify templates so that I don't have to update them each time there is a new release. The notes on what changed and where tend to be erratic...


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          I think you should jump in with both feet and start modifying the templates. It is impossible to do any serious changes or improvements without modifying the HTML, including the CSS sprites.


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            You're probably right. My frame, home, and listing templates are currently custom. Desperately trying to stay away from the checkout templates. Really wouldn't mind so much modifying the rest as the 3dCart updates to those seem to be minimal.

            My store is a continual work on process as I most of my time is taken by my primary business (a machine shop). I guess I must be a bit ADD as I'm always trying to add/diversify my business. Plus I've always enjoyed learning new things.