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Should I have IP Canonicalization enabled?

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  • Should I have IP Canonicalization enabled?

    Hi all,

    Our website is ranking very well in organic search, so I'm reluctant to change any of the settings, particularly in the SEO section. One of the items in the SEO sections is "IP Canonicalization" and it is NOT checked. I can't tell from the description if I should in deed check that box.

    Obviously I do not want to do anything that will adversely effect our organic rankings (by checking the box), but on the other hand, it will not help if having this unchecked will lead to adverse effects down the road (by leaving it unchecked).

    I tried looking up "Top Level Domain", as the description of this option mentions this, but the few results I found were a bit more technical than I'm familiar with. Can someone explain in simpler terms?

    Thanks in advance!

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    James, I am not sure if this is the information you are looking for or not, but read through this old thread here:


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      Excellent, that's awesome! I don't know how I missed that when searching before posting a new thread on the topic.

      Thanks so much behere!


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        Your Welcome James! I don't come to the fourms much and just happen to see your post. :)