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Robots txt problems causing "broken links"

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  • Robots txt problems causing "broken links"

    Although I have been with 3Dcart about 3 years my profile says I am a newbie and while I may well not be the brightest bulb on the tree ;)

    While I do have marginally more than rudimentary knowledge about web sites, I do rely on using the storemanager to edit and create content rather than FTP uploads.
    The storemanager WYSIWYG interface is in my opinion not the best and can generate loads of bad code on editing.

    I ran a link checker program and to my dismay the results showed a multitude of so called "broken links" due to what was described as robot text restrictions.
    My robots txt file is the standard 3dcart issued file and does not restrict the URLs which appear in the broken link report.

    What seems to the problem is that the 3dcart system is generating HTTPS URLs instead of HTTP and so bots are prevented from reading these.

    How do I prevent this problem from occurring or maybe how do I fix these issues?

    Depressed smiley.gifAnthony

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