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Google Webmaster Tools - Structured Data Product Error: Missing Best or Worst Rating

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  • Google Webmaster Tools - Structured Data Product Error: Missing Best or Worst Rating


    I have just logged into Google Webmaster Tools and got 921 errors - that weren't there last week. I did install Google Tag Manager.

    The issue is to do with the Structured Data - it says that products are Missing Best or Worst Rating. What does this mean and what can I do to resolve?

    It seems to be this bit of code:

    <div class="totalrating" itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
    • aggregateRating [AggregateRating]:
    • reviewCount:
    • ratingValue:
    • Failed to normalise the rating value.
    • Your rating value was out of the default range, you must provide best and worst values.
    I can debug but have no idea how to correct.

    Thanks. Sue
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    Fabric Garden

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    Do the products in question have reviews?


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      NNTEACO - Yes they do. Looks like the error is where there is no review - which is the majority of products.
      Fabric Garden


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        You said the items have reviews... but then you say the error is happening on items with no review, which you state is most of them?

        So I am unclear if the items which you see the error on have user reviews or not.


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          I have my review section setup like this:
          HTML Code:

          HTML Code:
          <!--START: create_first_review-->
          no reviews yet
          <!--END: create_first_review-->
          <!--START: create_review_link-->
          <span class="ow-reviews" itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
          <meta itemprop="worstRating" content="1" />
          <meta itemprop="ratingValue" content="[review_average]" />
          <meta itemprop="bestRating" content="5" />
          <meta itemprop="reviewCount" content="[review_count]" />
          <span><a href="#ow-reviews-jump">read reviews ([review_count])</a></span>
          <span><a class="ow-writereview" href="review.asp?action=newReview&catalogid=[catalogid]">write a review <i class="icon-pencil" data-icon="e608" aria-hidden="true"></i></a></span>
          <!--END: create_review_link-->
          The meta tags between <!--START: create_review_link--> and <!--END: create_review_link--> took care of the best/worst values for my microdata.

          You'll also notice that there isn't any microdata between <!--START: create_first_review--> and <!--END: create_first_review--> . This is because if there isn't a review on the product there won't be any microdata to send. If the tags are empty Google thinks it's an error. Hope this helps!
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            You dont need use "itemprop="worstRating"" and "itemprop="bestRating"" when the scale is 1-5 which 3dcart uses. You have this data in the WRONG part of the HTML.

            "<!--START: create_first_review-->" is only used for the BUTTON to create the first review.

            The issue is that you are telling google that items that don't have reviews have a review section by having schema data in the review link area (which shows up on all products weather they have reviews or not). You need to have your review schema between the "<!--START: reviews-->" section in your listing template.

            You want to be using these tags:

            <!--START: reviews-->
            <span itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">    
                <span itemprop="reviewCount">[review_count]</span>    <span itemprop="ratingValue">[review_average]</span>
             <!--START: user_reviews-->
            <span itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="">  
                <span itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype="">
                    <img itemprop="ratingValue" content="[rating]" src="assets/templates/common-html5/images/star[rating].png" alt="[rating] Stars" />
                <span itemprop="reviewBody"><p>[long_review]</p></span>
                <span itemprop="author" itemscope itemtype="">
                    <span itemprop="name">[user_name]</span>    
            <!--END: user_reviews-->
            <!--END: reviews-->
            Again, no schema info in the review button area!


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              I suppose I shouldn't give code examples since my templates are all written from scratch. I should also add that my review "buttons" are at the top of the product ad and are within the <!--START: totalrating--> section to facilitate design requests. Sorry for any confusion and I'll be sure to compare my templates with defaults before I post code for others to use.


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                ProRetail I did not realize you were a different person then the one who started it! (I was not paying attention ;) )

                I thought fabericgarden had posted an example of her page, and so thought I spotted what her issue was. Hopefully what I wrote can still be of help to them.


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                  NMTEACO I don't always pay attention either, (which is why almost all of my posts show that they have been edited, ha!). The code you posted will probably be helpful. If not, I'm sure fabricgarden will chime in again.


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                    Thanks ProRetail and NMTEACO - I also heard back from 3dcart that there is nothing wrong and it won't affect my ranking with Google. That may be true for now - but the fact that Google is picking it up - means that it may in the future. Rather than ignoring the issue - I would prefer to fix it before Google does take it into account! I am at best a hack when it comes to coding, but now that I see what the issue is, I will give it a go when I have some free time (and after backing everything up.). Will let you know how I get on.
                    Fabric Garden