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issue with our site being duplicated and indexed more then one version?

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  • issue with our site being duplicated and indexed more then one version?

    We have been trying to track down our huge traffic loss. We been working on SEO stuff for months and nothing is helping. We have seen a drastic loss of 90% of traffic and revenue since joining 3dcart and I just can not figure out how. not even our google PLA's are converting. So i am extra worried about anything we find out of place. Like today I was google image searching for one of the most linked to key words, Blastpipes it turns up images from our site all on the first page. how ever today I noticed this URL as well.

    This is worry some. does this mean google is indexing more then one version of our site causing duplicate content issues? I already fear we are being filtered out due to dup content from manufactures and other sources. This just makes that fear worse. There is not much other explanation at this point for the loss of search traffic unless we are being punished. I have been reading up and doing tons of research which leads me to believe google does not always hit you with an actual penalty unless they thnk you are going out of your way to be deceptive, but that they also have less actual penalties like hiding you from search pages or giving you less then great traffic.
    I have contact support and I am still waiting on word back , but this shouldnt be showing up am I right? This is an old version of our store we did some adjustments to the site width and other things.

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    It is common to have a loss of traffic when changing carts. 90% is too big. I clicked on the link above and it took me to your storefront. That would indicate no duplicate content for that link. Yes, Google has lot of criteria it judges sites by. As we get closer to Google's next deadline, Sept. 18th I believe, sites not showing correct info will be downgraded. From what I've seen, they have started that already. It is common in automotive sites to use the descriptions from the manufacturer verbatim. So that should not affect you much, if at all. What I recommend is that you review your Google Merchant Center data, Webmaster Tools data and Google Analytics data for clues. Fix everything they recommend fixing. Update your 3D sitemap as you make changes and resubmit to Google frequently. As for SEO, I have found that most people do not truly understand what it is and how to use it effectively. It is not a "get rich quick" solution. It's effects can take time. PLAs are only as good as the data they draw from - your listings. I hope you figure it out soon.


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      Did you try to contact Google in regards to your Paid Listing Ads? You can reach them at 866-246-6453, I find them very helpful when I call.

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        that link goes to our actual url is that site is an older design with old pricing, info and a few other things that have been changed since we have been working on the store. some of the URLs are also incorrect compared to the current site.