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Deleting and Redirecting in Bulk Advice Needed

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  • Deleting and Redirecting in Bulk Advice Needed

    I found out how to mass delete, but need to find out how to do mass redirects - several hundred at a time. Is there a URL "scraper" tool for categories/manufacturers? With inventory that changes frequently, what is the best way to deal with bulk redirects?

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    I have been doing 301's via the CSV export function under SEO tools and redirects. I have done a thousand lately using it. I have about 1400 more to do.

    what exactly are you wanting to do?


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      I am working with a friend on an auto parts site. There are 40K listings +/- There are complete manufacturers product lines I need to delete. Doing them one at a time is too cumbersome. I already did 250,000 when the site was moved to 3DCart, and 1K - 2K a week now. I'd like to pull all the URLs, section by section, in bulk, to redirect. There has to be an easier way!


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        celebra1 I move products I want to delete to a "Discontinued" category via CSV file, then search all products in that category and delete them.


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          Deleting is not the problem. The Knowledge Base has directions for mass deleting. Stream-lining the redirect process is my goal. I'd like a program/app that can read ALL the URL's on a page. I would transfer the data to the redirect import, minus the domain and forward slash, and assign the redirect link.


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            How did you re-direct mobile URL from your old site?


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              I have had no mobile re-directs.