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    Has anyone used social media or SEO services from 3D? If so how did it work out for you.


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    I have been using the enterprise SEO package for about 3 months now. I will be completely honest. I am not paying for it. The companies COO gave me 3 months free to make up for some other problems we have been having. So its a $2400.00 hand out.

    I will be frankly honest its not work even $99 a month not even $49.99. I hate to be the person to continually be negative, but If i had signed up and paid for even 1 month of this service I would be moving carts. The service is a joke. No offense to 3dcart, but it is. The stuff they do for the $800.00 a month takes me literally 2-3 hours once and it is basically all they do for the entire month. In fact I did more in one morning SEO wise then the rep did all month. I know because I was in the middle of a bunch of it when he emailed me the monthly report. I checked out the report and I was pissed off because he had just gone through and undid 3 or 4 pages and the title and meta descriptions that i had just done, and my work was 100x better. The keyword research he did was a joke and no matter what I did research wise I could not replicate his data, even using the same tools. We have not seen any real increase in organic traffic at all. and that is with me also doing some major work.

    SEO is one of those things you either pay a premium to a real firm for over a year, or you learn to do it yourself. I also firmly believe there is much more to SEO then the 3dcart people are even capable of doing at any price point. I would focus on your own work for now. what is your store Url? maybe I can help start you off with a simple plan of attack based of everything I have learned researching it and talking with some very very good store owners.


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      Re social media - I look at their Wordpress blog and have 2 issues - no comments allowed (not very social) and every store comes with a disqus plugin - total disconnect. They have 8800 Facebook likes - I build our FB page to 300,000 - alone - and before pay to play we had a weekly reach of 3,000,000.

      here's the thing with farming out SEO & Social - on the social side what any agency will do is use auto posting tools like Hootsuite to post during the growth of our Facebook page we learned one thing any - automated post receved only 10% of the engagement of a hand made post

      auto posting is bad enough - add a third party - and you removed "social" out of the equation - unless you're willing to meet and greet on a regular basis don't bother the social.

      We also saw quarter point bump on conversion woman removed all her social media icons from our website

      It's very difficult to farm out SEO - Google wants relevant content - where is that going to come from. Is an SEO expert an expert in your niche?

      We are able to push the needle using handcrafted well-placed content. Between me and another content creator we add a combined 3000 to 10,000 words a week to the blog and website. I spend no less than 10 to 20 hours a week organizing this process which accounts for a significant amount of our revenue. We have blog pages that bring in 200 to 1000 visitors per month

      I should do more keyword research but Google admitted recently that 70% of their search results are obtained from synonyms

      We also create YouTube videos. Nothing fancy just with my smart phone but pushing out 2 to 5 a week. I've seen videos which page 1 in Google search (video) in under an hour - we've got 140 videos with 327,000 views - we going to ramp that up in 2016

      By the way little known fact - unless you have a video site map - Google is oblivious to any videos on your site - we are more than 500 videos on our site

      Want to learn search? Google offers Academy which I've dabbled with but I also make sure that I read all the Google patents (or at least the cliff notes) which give you much better understanding.

      For example everyone talks about the duplicate content penalty - it only hurts with respect to concanilization - but after reading the patent I learned as for content (they revised the duplicate content patent and twice now) there is no penalty.

      Google just decides on a single piece of content and ignores the rest (the bots)

      After hiring and firing close to 20 "professional" SEO firms (and a six-figure spend) I've learned not to give an RA to things like H1 tags - it's all about the content stupid


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        So you have no issues with the 3dcart blog setup then? I do see you have a massive amount of blog postings on your site, but there seem to be no comments on them? are readers reading then purchasing with out commenting? I have never really been a blog reader, and there are no real stand out blogs that are in our niche that publish user submitted content. So I never really gave much thought to keeping it up and creating content regularly even for our own blog.

        All though I do get what you are saying, blog postings on our sites are content, and not just any content its informative content that's relevant to the products on the site. Do you do any linking of words in the articles back to certain product pages? or just allow the readers surf the site and find what they want? Are you focusing on and keywords writing the content or are you picking topics and just making them fun and educational?

        Would you mind sharing your process or a idea of it? like do you setup a schedule every month of how many topics you will cover and how many a week to publish? do you have a publishing schedule? every few days or weekly?

        I really want to get our blog rolling, but its so hard to keep at it without setting up a hardlined schedule. even then I have been so busy that i find it hard to take time to do things I really dont consider fun, and creative writing Is dreadful for me, I used to love it, but hvaent in a long time. I am horrible about coming up with unique content ideas or blog ideas.

        Do you have certain topics you fall back on? Like product topics, brand topics, educational topics?

        Also you mentioned youtube videos, how are those for traffic compared to the blog traffic? How is the engagement on your videos? are you just shooting videos or are you editing and adding to them as well? I have been wanting to set up videos as well, but I keep waiting until we have a studio room setup to start, and that will probably never happen with my daily schedule so I guess I should just get over it and start shooting some basic content for them.


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          @ForcedFabllc we have hundreds of comments - 3dcart is unable to get the comment counters working - it's only been 2 years but I'm assured a fix is on the way - we send out content every Sunday morning at 7 am wherever you are on the planet - it's themed and we've been doing it for 7 years not missing one week - we insert dozens of hyperlinks pointing to products offered as solutions.

          as for ideas - schedule - yeah right - it basically "a customer has a problem" let shoot a video that will explain how to solve that - or hey this is cool shoot it - last 20 videos were done on my smart phone

          I shoot videos every where in my home and shop. makeshift backdrops but I make sure I have 2 - 4 photo lights for everything - nothing fancy - don;t wait - we put out 8 videos last week here's our channel - all videos get embedded in to the site - 99% of youtube videos get less than 500 views I have 2 with more than 30,0000

          about to have our first bilingual video - stay tuned


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            Interesting read Mitch.. can you explain your video site map? Setup.. structure.. formatting.. etc. Thanks windycityparrot


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              I followed these guide lines