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What pages shoudl have rich snippets, and how are they installed?

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  • What pages shoudl have rich snippets, and how are they installed?

    Hi 3dcart people.

    I believe I need to add the code for structured data / rich snippets, but I am struggling with how, and on what pages. I checked the site using this testing tool:

    The main product page has itBut other theme pages seem to not have it:

    Alternate product page (for video): http://atomic-motodev-com.3dcartstor...ideo_p_18.html - shows up, but needs to be reformatted for video

    Blog Article: http://atomic-motodev-com.3dcartstor...Boots_b_2.html - no result

    Category page: http://atomic-motodev-com.3dcartstor...-BIKE_c_7.html no result

    I randomly checked some other members 3dcart sites, with varying results. A few of us seem to have this wired, so home, content, category, blog, and product pages all show results. Others like me....not so well.

    3dcarts documentation covers the product page, but not blog, category, and definitely not video pages. Does anyone have expertise at setting this up?


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    From admin:

    The following Microdata elements are installed
    • Product Name: aggregateRating
    • Review Average: aggregateRating
    • Image: image
    • Price: offers/price
    • Availability: offers/availability
    • Extended Description: description
    • Reviews: name, description, author, ratingValue

    3DCart inputs the basic rich snippets. You have to add any others that aren't listed to your template code.


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      One of the things I loved about moving my last site from BigCommerce to 3DCart is that rich snippets were automatically included for all products and are showing up EVERYWHERE in the search listings for my site. The only pages that really need them are your product pages, which 3DCart handles automatically for you.