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On google, product_index.asp and category_index.asp are ranking above the homepage

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  • On google, product_index.asp and category_index.asp are ranking above the homepage

    Hi all,
    I had been hoping this problem would resolve itself but it's still occurring after 6 months.

    My store is:

    When I search for the name of my store on (the local search), the above mentioned pages are shown above the homepage (which is not always shown):

    Approx 90-95% of new google search traffic for the name of the store comes to those pages rather than the store homepage.

    The homepage shows up correctly and first when I search for pages on my domain:

    It doesn't seem possible to 301 redirect those pages to the homepage. I've considered a javascript redirect for visitors but would rather fix the root of the problem plus I would prefer users to see the proper homepage rather than those subpages in the search results.

    Would love to hear some suggestions why this is happening/how to fix it!

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    first stop using 3dcart site maps - they don't work try been using them for years cheap & effective - then go back and re-examine your site links - meta-titles - meta-tags and verify that your rich snippets - are installed properly the 3-D cart code Driving the data tends to break


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      The three indexes, product, category, and manufacturers, use the meta description tag from the home page. Google's Webmaster Tools will count these as duplicates. This a reason not to use these. 3dCart needs to provide a way to specify independent meta-tag information for these pages.
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        an update for anyone suffering the same problem who finds this:
        I have resorted to requesting google remove these URLs from the index, and added them to the robots.txt files.

        This has hit my search ranking for the name of the website as it has gone from 1st to 2nd (behind my listing on a marketplace site) although traffic seems fairly stable (most people people who would search for the name would actually be searching for it after seeing it on said marketplace, I believe).