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  • Google Rich Snippets [availability_snippet]

    Does anyone know what is substituted for this variable [availability_snippet] ? where does this variable get its values? and what is the logic involved?

    Support has no idea, so I am here!

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    elightbox It calls the actual availability. However that does not allow it to be called correctly. The intention is to reference each page, e.g. (, Problem is that in calling the actual store variable as (In Stock or Out of Stock), they insert themselves with spaces and in turn do not go to the proper reference page. What weight does the whole thing carry??? None to my knowledge. It is meta itemprop, but the availability_itemprop is already referenced properly for the actual availability.
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      Thanks Shaun. I do have the [availability_itemprop] in the listing templates and not the [availability_snippet]

      I sometimes use other messages in the Availability boxes for items, like Limited Stock, Discontinued, Available on xxxx, and I was looking for a way to make it work. For Discontinued items I just made a separate template and hardcoded discontinued instead of [availability_itemprop].


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        A word of warning here, [availability_itemprop] will be overwritten by a product's "In Stock Message," "Out of Stock Message," or "Back Order Message" accordingly. This has been a headache for me for over a year as evidenced by this forum thread.
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          elightbox :: where did you find [availability_snippet]? I couldn't locate it in the design docs. Oddly enough, there's a variable for [availability] that doesn't have a description in the explanation of terms... strange...
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            TMS Clint If you look in the templates/common-html5 and look in listing_0, you will find it there.