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  • Duplicate Title

    I get a list of duplicate titles from Google Webmaster and for the life of me I can't figure some of them out.

    For example: | |

    Google says there are 3 pages with duplicate titles, but I only have 1 page. I don't know where the other 2 urls are coming from. They all seem to find the same page, but I only have 1 URL.

    Any ideas on where I can look?

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    Check your custom file names? I deal in restored mopar wiper motors and I had the same issue with duplicate titles....different categories for the same product, also listed under manufacturer, smart was a mess and I finally got it all sorted out, but I had to snoop each product, see what I had for key words, categories, manufacturers, custom file names...I didn't know how else to find them and didn't think at the time to run a debugger or something in google merchant to see what products showed what urls and what duplicated content. Hopefully someone much smarter than I can come along and point you in a better direction because I remember well I was ready to pull my hair out


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      I'm sure you already did this, but my first step would be to export my product file and sort by file name and then sort by url. Or search in your export for ep_556


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        The problem is that, out there on the web somewhere, there are links to the same that have a different address. If you rename a product it will get a new URL, but the ultimate endpoint destination (the product) is the same. In other words, if people post a link to your product and then you change the name, visitors will still reach the product, but the address will be different. You changing your product name/address doesn't change the address posted on some forums somewhere.

        Fix this by specifying canonical URLs. That can be automated here:

        Or, I believe the new version of 3dcart admin has a field somewhere on the backend product page where you can specify your own address.

        If you like your page titles and believe they're accurate, just use the automated method. After that, your problem will fix itself in time.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting