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Unsupported HTML tags [description] warning in Google merchant center from feed.

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  • Unsupported HTML tags [description] warning in Google merchant center from feed.

    I just saw this new warning that popped up for pretty much all of my products in Google merchant center. It says Unsupported HTML tags [description] Has anyone else had this warning pop up? I have no idea how to fix it. The only thing that I can see is that the descriptions now have   showing up instead of spaces. But I don't know how to get that from showing up in the feed generated by 3Dcart if that is the issue.

    It looks like this in the raw feed and the final attributes now:
    Pick any of these adorable stick pins for just $5.00!  Choose from an enameled bee, hand painted ceramic flower cabochon, enameled heart with tiny pearl, mesh winged butterfly and an enameled purse.   Condition:  In excellent to very good condition with some enamel loss on the little bee.


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    P.S. I am on version 8.2.13 if that matters at all.


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      We are on 8.2.12 -- did not know 8.2.13 exist. We also see the same warnings in quite a number of products with extra spaces in the description.


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        Same here. Looks like the warning for us is due to the img tag in the description, which makes sense.

        Link below shows which html tags are accepted and other guidelines for the description field. Hope it helps.


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          So far the only thing I can see in the descriptions is the   I'm old school and I am wired to double space after a period so I think this must be something new that is coming across in the feeds for anything that has more than one space. Sucks for me since it means editing a few thousand products. /facedesk. =P I am editing some now and will see if it fixes anything the next time I generate a feed.


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            This is only a warning, so they should still be showing in Google shopping.

            If   is the the issue, you can export the extended description, then find and replace   with nothing or a space. No reason to go through each product manually. That would be awful.


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              A quick search on Google indicates this may be a "bug" regarding ampersands. If so, the problem may resolve itself in a few days.


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                celebra1 I forgot to come back and say that the issue did resolve itself. Hooray!


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                  Yes! See, Google does make "mistakes".