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  • Script Loading On Page insights

    I have been having problems lately with the script blocking resources on my page insight test. I've read a little bit up on it, and move a few of my scripts to the footer to help with this but I have a few curical ones that appear cant be moved or it messes up the layout.

    Website is:
    Page Speed Insights:

    Then it says 90% of my problem is: "Eliminate render-blocking resources"
    Which are:

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    My page score has dropped dramatically, but I looked at all my competitors and even and its all the same.
    Feels like something is off with the test, or with how google wants our pages to preform vs how to actually make a functioning e-commerce site.

    They may need to develop specific tools for E-commerce, Blogs, Portfolios and whatever else to get real insights that help.


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      Pretty sure amazon could careless what Google thinks. They are so big! A few other users on here had a similar post and they got their test up in the 90's so I know it's possible.