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Googlebot reports page resources couldn't be loaded

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  • Googlebot reports page resources couldn't be loaded

    Using the URL Inspection Tool found in the Google Search Console, every page has this error: page X/Y resources couldn't be loaded. (x is the number of resources not loaded, Y is the total number of resources). Some these unloaded resources are scripts or code. However, many of them appear to be images, in particular on category pages, thumbnails.

    Does anyone else see this with their website?
    Does anyone understand the causes?
    Does anyone know how to resolve these errors?

    Has anyone been able to get their pages completely error free?

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    I recently had this happen - had to add:

    User-agent: Googlebot

    User-agent: Googlebot-image

    User-agent: AdsBot-Google

    to our robot.txt and it cleared up. Google was also having issues with mobile view as well and I removed that block from 3dcart robot.txt default.

    I am now free of errors from google.

    I have been however beat up by bots adding items to cart from Russian and Ukraine IPs - I block them in IP security but its getting out of hand. Now Alibaba (china) is hitting daily as well - wtf!

    Google bots and Bing bots add items to cart daily - sometimes the same product repeatedly - why the heck to thing have to do that? Is this just me or are any of you seeing this in your abandons?