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Software intermittently creating thousands of pages of duplicate content

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  • Software intermittently creating thousands of pages of duplicate content

    I've been having this problem for years. The URLs in this report from the google search console shows that at some point, the 3dcart software creates these folder structures in the URL making duplicate pages. The last portions of the URLs here are legitimate parts of URLs from my website. I've found that they contain the same content as the pages on the site without the odd folder looking structure in the middle. I'm trying to get the problem solved so I'd appreciate if some of you might check your google search console report and look at crawl anomalies to see if you're having the same problem. I know that this is really bad for SEO. I'm just wondering if it's specific to my site. I've reported it to 3d Support but after I persisted, they said that it was fixed and it wasn't. If others notice that this is happening to them and I can communicate that, we might hopefully see some legitimate progress toward a resolution. These pages disappear and are reported as crawl anomalies so I rarely see them while they're still live. CapturFiles-20200113_000115.jpg

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    Just checked and no issues for us.


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      Thanks for checking


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        This happened to us once, a couple years ago. At the time we thought it was because of a CDN issue. Most of the site appeared duplicated, with a folder in the middle of everything, exactly like it did with you.

        In our case though it was only the one time. I don't know if the pages were ever live, or redirected to the correct ones.


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          Thanks lukiegames. At one point, someone from 3dcart told me that it was a bug that happened to some stores during updates. The pages go live and then they get cleaned up at some point.