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    Just wondering if anyone had tried the program for converting html tables to css. I purchased the program and tried it out on our site with great dissappointment. I know what alot of you are saying right now "learn css and do it yourself, there is no magic program, but I had to try it. I must say that the 30 day money back offer is for real though, I sent an email to them explaining that it did not work as advertised and had a refund posted to my paypal account in less than 10 minutes. I was very impressed with that. If any of you css guru's what to check it out, it does come with a free trial offer. Maybe you guys would know how to make it work right. One other thing that I did not like about it, was there was no manual with the program. But anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has tried this program or a similar program on your 3d cart web site with any luck, and if you have had luck with a program such as this what was the program. I am trying to learn css, but for now, i'm looking for the easy way to do it. lol:D


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    never tried anything like that. since the templates are a combination of tables within tables, i'd doubt a program could do the job...

    i've already suggested that 3dcart provide a standard css design as one of the templates