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Why does Google crawl my https site?

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  • Why does Google crawl my https site?

    Just curious why my page 1 rank is the https version of my site? :confused:

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    Do a link check on your site. Most likely you have 1 (or more) https:// links somewhere. You should never have any links going to the https section. The software will handle sending the client to https during checkout. if you are adding links to your store, always use just the relative path, ie.



    To some search engines https and http are 2 different sites, and they will rank them differently. The only way to get rid of this is to make sure no links point to the https section, and eventually since the only link there is gone, the link will be removed from the index, and hoepfully your http will rank instead.
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      I DO use the links in the format of /assets/images/templates/html/item kinda of format and try to elimate full links like: https:/websitename/assets/images/etc........
      Just curious why this site seems to be crawled only on the https version. I will look again. Thanks
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        Well, it's a bummer, I,ve searched my site and it just looks like somewhere unbeknownst to me is linking to the https version of my site. Does anyone else have this issue with their indexing? Is this a competitor trick or a problem with 3dcart?


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          So is there an easy way to do a links check?

          I have a similar wierd issue - when I check the indexed pages etc. on the googlebot site it shows likes to my OLD domain - just a few. SOMEWHERE I must have converted or brought over something from my old website. But I can't find it for the life of me.

          If there was a way to 'search' for links it would be great.

          Just curious
          Good Luck Mark!
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            It is caused by your security certificate. The certificate sits on 3dcarts server which is The only way to rectify it is to buy your own certificate or purchase it through 3dcart. If you purchase it through 3dcart I am pretty sure they install it for free.

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              I do have my own certificate.
              Don't know if this is an issue as far as SEO is or not.?:confused: ?