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    I thought it may be helpful to pass on some of my "Newbie Learnings" I had in launching with Shopzilla.

    Open up the generated feed in excel
    My first try on using the feed generation failed. I uploaded the file to shopzilla, but got a boat load of errors. Jimmy in customer support looked at it in Excel and said it was fine, but I kept getting errors. I spoke with shopzilla support and they said that the feed had a bunk of quotes in the code. You can see it if you pull it up in wordpad, but it goes away in excel. You can either do a replace all in wordpad or open up and save in excel. Worked fine after that.

    Product Listings
    I got the attached from Shopzilla support after my above contact. I did the updates easily in excel.

    It was a pleasure in speaking with you today. After reviewing your feed, I've found that the Condition and Quantity fields of your feed are blank. Your listings will continue to process without these fields, but having a product that is in-stock or new will boost your product's search rankings on our site.

    I recommend implementing the words "In-Stock" into the Quantity field (if the product is in stock) and the word "New" into the Condition field (if the product is new).

    Category Listings
    I didn't set up my categories in my feeds and the products ended up in odd places. Per the attached, put in the shopzilla category code for where you want your products. I ended up going back and bulking my products and now they show up in the right places.

    Again, this is Newbie advice (from one Newbie to another), if any of you Shopzilla vets have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Shopzilla Attachment

    The attachement is too large, so here is the link