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    Hello everyone. Are any of you out there using the QB integration? I found a couple of posts on it, but not many replies nor any that covered my specific questions. So, hopefully someone out there can help, maybe the 3dcart guys?

    Anyway, I use quickbooks for keeping track of sales, purchases, bills, etc as it is designed for, but am currently not using the 3dcart integration. Due to the quantity and ever changing inventory and prices I offer, I do not list each item in quickbooks individually. In addition, I do not assign vendors because they change for each item based on inventory and/or price. I simply have "merchandise", "S&H", and "discounts" setup as items I can sell. I then have "Purchased Merchandise," "Purchased S&H," and "Drop Ship Fee" as items I purchase from my vendor.

    So, when a puchase is made, I create a sales reciept for the customer in quickbooks (for accounting purposes only, I do not email it to them). Then place the order with the supplier and enter the invoice for that sale as a bill when I recieve it.

    Based on this process, I need to be able to import both sales reciepts and invoices to keep me from manually inputting everything.

    I know the 3dcart integration will not help me with the vendor invoices, but oculd with the reciepts. However, will it import a generic item like "merchandise" with different quanities and prices for the same reciept?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors