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    If you are thinking about using the Quick Books Plug-In and if you use sub-categories in your Quick Books item list, you need to know that the plug-in will NOT work. It only works if you don't use sub-categories.

    This critical piece of information does not appear anywhere in the documentation and I found this out only after I spent hours synchronizing the 3D cart store item ID's with the Quick Books item ID only to find that I was still getting an item error on every attempted import. I did submit a ticket and this information was confirmed.

    I sell over 1100 items with very similar names and without sub-categories in Quick Books, everything would be just one big unmanageable mish-mash.

    I hope this information will help someone else avoid wasting a lot of time. IF you don't need sub-categories in Quick Books, the program will work just fine. Just import your items from your 3D store and you should be good to go.

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    Uh oh. This is really bad news...we are just getting ready to launch our 3DCart store and I was really, really, REALLY looking forward to using the Quickbooks plugin! That was one of the reasons I chose 3DCart in the first place!

    We do use products in multiple sub-categories as well as main categories (such as, we break down "spa and body" products into "face", "bath", "baby" subcategories). When using the subcategories in this way, does it mean that our products database from 3DCart will not be compatible with Quickbooks? :eek:


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      Originally posted by WoodSprite View Post
      When using the subcategories in this way, does it mean that our products database from 3DCart will not be compatible with Quickbooks? :eek:
      Hi Woodsprite,
      This will work just fine with Quickbooks, don't worry about it. You can have as many categories and subcategories you want at 3DCart and it'll work with your Quickbooks.

      Lea is referring to Quickbooks Subcategories, that's the "SUBITEM OF" setting on your quickbooks which is not related at all to 3DCart's subcategories.


      All you need to do is the change the ID or SKU of your products at 3dcart to use SUBCATEGORY:ITEM, this is required for Quickbooks to match the Item ID. So instead of just the Item Id, you need to append the Subcategory to this using a ":" as the separator.



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        Thanks, Jimmy, for clearing that up for me...what a relief! :)


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          Sorry, it took me so long to get back to this forum. While the plug-in wouldn't work initially with Quick Books sub-categories, you (or somebody) did fix it so that it does now work with Quick Books sub-categories. I finally have everything synchronized between Quick Books and 3D store and it seems to be working very well. Thanks to 3DCart for fixing this!