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Using Quickbooks when your 3dcart products have lots of options

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  • Using Quickbooks when your 3dcart products have lots of options

    We are trying to use the 3dcart Quickbooks plug-in. The issue is that when products with options are ordered the options do not download into QB. I talked to several people at 3dcart support. They tried to be helpful but the message that I am getting is that only options that appear on the Advanced Options tab will feed into QB. The issue is that only drop-down list options can be on the Advanced Options tab and most of our options are check boxes. Drop-downs will not work for many of our options. Has anyone found a solution or workaround to this problem? The 3dcart site is

    Thanks for any assistance or advice anyone can offer.


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    The way Quickbooks work, every part has a number, and, you need to have every part on Quickbooks for it to manage the items, so you can add them to invoices, etc.

    If you have a bike that comes in 3 colors, you would have 3 part #'s in quickbooks. A bike that comes in 3 sizes, 3 colors, that would be 9 parts in quickbooks. Etc.

    If you are using Checkbox, what you are saying is that the item can have multiple options selected, in the case of the bike, you would allow say for a SMALL and MEDIUM, and also BLUE be selected, there is no way to represent this on a software like Quickbooks, unless you happen to make every possible combination of PART-COLOR-SIZE.

    If you are not using advanced options, what you are saying is that the option, does not change the part, and so, while this is possible, you won't be able to track inventory accurately. I guess in your case you have let's say an Item, with multiple colors/options, and you want to allow multiple options, you could set the main ITEM to have a part #, then when you do the import, the main item, the BIKE, will import, now, if someone buys the RED, SMALL bike, it will import into quickbooks as BIKE, but the description will be BIKE color:Red, size: Small. It will subtract inventory from the BIKE item, not the Red-Small bike item. So, again, if you are not tracking inventory this will work just fine. If you are tracking inventory you need to change the way the item can be ordered.

    So, as long as you don't need to track inventory, the solution is to just import the MAIN items, the options will just be added on to the item. If you do need to track inventory, you will need to change those checkboxes to drop downs, and use advanced options to track inventory.
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      Another way to handle this would be to use the Stone Edge Order Manager ( When you import orders from 3dCart into the Order Manager, the program can combine the main product (the "parent SKU") with the selected options to generate a "Sub SKU". The Sub SKU is then used for inventory tracking. For more info go to our Web site or give us a call at 610-994-3699.
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        I second Stone Edge Order Manager. We have MANY advanced options (over 90,000 combinations), and being able to manage the inventory levels and update our web site instantly with new inventory, returns, etc. is invaluable. It has literally decreased my workload from a full time job to about 15-20 minutes per day.


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          We Also Use Stoneedge

          We also use Order Manager and 3dCart. We have lots of options for many of our products. 3dCart and Order Manager play together perfectly! I would recommend Order Manager as well.