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    Hi Gonzalo,

    I am currently offering customers several options for shipping, including USPS Priority. Currently, I am manually populating the address fields through Click n'Ship, but this adds a lot of manual labor to the process and introduces the possibility for human error. Yesterday I had a package that was sent back as undeliverably because an apartment number was omitted.

    Is there any kind of integration product that will automatically populate the address fields, perhaps through a CSV export of the order data? Does 3dCart have anything in the works to integrate with USPS, or, for that matter, FedEx?

    Thanks for any ideas you can provide!

    Tom Steinmetz

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    We ship most of our orders using USPS Priority Mail and it is all handled through Endicia. 3DC has some integration with tighter integration coming. For now the ability to copy an address from an order and for Endicia to pick it up automatically keeps things fairly fast and reduces errors.


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      Thanks Mueller!

      What is the cost for Endicia? I stumbled upon the USPS Shipping Assistant, which apparently offers a CSV import. It is free, and it might offer a good interim solution.

      Here is a link, for anyone who might need it =>

      PDF users manual =>


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        We use the Premium plan which is $15.95/month but you can see all of the pricing here.


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          Like mueller, we too use the endicia service and honestly, have NO IDEA how we lived without it for as long as we did! Very worth looking into!

          The Endicia XML export from 3dcart is very basic but works well. Saves us a bunch of time! We would like to see the export include the transaction or invoice number and/or other customizable fields, too. The export of weight information gets sorta tricky, but... perhaps it would work, too? I can see (during busy season) where we might be happy to over pay on shipping now and then for the added benefit of not having to weigh each and every package for actual weight, etc. Anyhow...

          The guys are well aware of the shortcomings of the Endicia plugin and I'll bet ya that it will improve in the near future. 3dcart has a way of starting out as "Voyager" and coming back as "V-ger" (for you Trekkies out there)! Just look how the cart grew into a monster from Ver 1.0 to Ver 2.0!! I mean, WOW!