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  • Trueship help please

    If any of you guys use Trueship I would really like some input. I thought everything was installed proper, but it UPS just prints regular labels. I read the docs and i am sure i am just missing something. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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    trueship update

    I just talked to the trueship guys and they are working on a new version that will eliminate worldship. You should be able to download from 3dcart and print packinglist and ups label on same paper and upload shipment to UPS. Contact them if you are interested. Peace:)


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      New Version Update.

      We tried Trueship when they actually sold software. They have switched to being a service based company. The original version of there software was an excellent idea and it worked rather well. It was a one time charge of $249.95 and you got the software. This year UPS Worldship is updating to Worldship 9.0 and with that update come problems for existing customers of the software version of Trueship. It will not work with worldship 9.0 because of the database type the new version is using. The software "will break" and the only way around this is to upgrade to the new service based version which is 19.95 a month. Forcing a software customer into a subscription based service is questionable if you ask me. If that's not enough read the end user license agreement and you will see that they will also have access to your shipping database. I recommend that you use 3dcart for all this as they have an easy way to print out a packing list and export options to take your data to UPS Worldship to print out labels. BTW: I believe you can continue using Worldship 8.0 but I don't know how long UPS will continue to support it. Later


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        Ups V.9

        We were Beta test for version 9.00 which I think was 8.5.
        That was full of bugs (too long to mention) We reported them and they promised that on the final version will be corrected. We finally gave up due was a waste of time, system breaks, copy and paste address (the easy part) was not taking it. frozen up on uploading information. Did not print manifest. A mess. Still with old 8.0. It is now probably corrected, but we mostly now ship FedEx for the fact that Home delivery works on Saturdays and the station is 1/2 block from our office, so we have later cut off.