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Problem with 3dCart/QuickBooks plug-in using *groups*

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  • Problem with 3dCart/QuickBooks plug-in using *groups*

    I've searched these forums extensively for others experiencing the same issue(s) we are experiencing but could not find anything...

    QuickBooks allows a company to sell inventory parts and inventory assemblies. QuickBooks also allows a company to combine these inventory parts and inventory assemblies into an item known as a Group.

    Having a large list of Groups, we setup a fake QuickBooks company to test the plug-in with the following 3 items and synched QB with 3dCart:
    1. an inventory part
    2. an inventory assembly
    3. a group (that contained #1 and #2)

    The result we received was as follows:
    The inventory part (#1) and the inventory assembly (#2) came through into 3dCart's shopping cart just fine. The Group (combo of #1 & #2) did not come through into 3dCart's shopping cart. <<< This is the heart of the problem.

    You may be thinking, "Well, just stop selling groups." The removal of Groups (i.e. not selling groups) is not a viable option for our company.

    We have tried T-Hub and were not successful (waiting to hear back from them). We are looking into E-Bridge and will be speaking with tomorrow hopefully.

    How do we get the item sold (using 3dCart shopping cart) to synch up with the exact same item SKU (which is a QB group) in QuickBooks?

    We would love to hear that we're doing something wrong in our 3dCart Store, or some other easy solution...

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and/or input.

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    I just wanted to *bump* this post because it's an important question. Hopefully somebody with the know how sees it.


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      We are currently working through a game plan to resolve this matter. We thing we have one or 2 good solutions and will share our results (good or bad) with the rest of you as soon as possible.


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        Was this ever solved?

        TacLink, were you ever able to solve this? Has anyone else been able to solve this?

        We are having the exact same issue. Because of our Company's particular circumstances, we have had to use item "groups" in Quickbooks, but when we import our orders from 3dcart using the QB connector plug-in, any order that has a product in 3dcart that corresponds to a "group item" in Quickbooks will not be imported.

        No error shows up or anything. The order simply does not show up in the 3dcart Quickbooks connector at all.

        Would love to hear if this issue has been resolved because if it hasn't, we need to completely redo our books, which will be rather nightmarish.