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Who is using GoDataFeed?

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  • Who is using GoDataFeed?

    Is anyone using GoDataFeed?

    I am not currently using any of the shopping engines, but am considering implementing some.

    I am also considering GoDataFeed since it looks like it further automates the process.

    Let me know your feedback if you have used them...

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    Thumbs up from me...used them for quite a while.

    Little bit of a learning curve learning to setup feeds yourself, but once it's done there isn't much more to do. Easy to follow user admin & tech support is quite helpful.


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      So once you set up the feeds the integration with 3dcart is pretty seamless?

      By "set up feeds" do you just mean set up the accounts on the various shopping sites?


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        We use them too, and love it. It is well worth the monthly expense to have them automatically update and submit our feeds for us.

        For setting up the feeds, lml is referring to building the data feed itself. GoDataFeed can to that for you too, for a one time fee, or you can choose to format all of that data yourself. It can take a while to figure out how to get the feeds right if you haven't done that before. I believe GoDataFeed will build one or two of them for free when you sign up, though, which might help you.

        Highly recommend their service.
        Laura Z
        Brass & Silver Traditions