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    Hey folks, happy holidays

    Have some questions about outsourcing fulfillment.
    I put one of my stores on on hold for the past year and a half. I want to ramp up sales/business for it next year, but I am thinking of outsourcing fulfillment instead of doing it inhouse.

    If you are using any of the fulfillment services listed under apps, or just have thoughts on them, I would like to hear them them.

    Seems like is the most integrated with 3dcart compared to the other 3 companies. is also the only one that will cost $299 to install while the others are free. I don't mind paying if it means tighter, more automated integration (hate dealing with unnecessary downloading, uploading, reconciling, and extra steps). If 3dcart has any comments, I would appreciate them too.

    I am also concerned about fulfillment location, I am in the west coast, but east sales seem to be about 50% anyway. Products come in from the west, or central depending on suppliers, so I am kind of tied between who to go with.


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    eFulfillment/3dCart Integration

    For what it is worth, I'm both a 3d Cart client and executive vice president of eFulfillment Service ... we offer free cart integration with our fulfillment control systems with 3d Cart clients ... it will cost you nothing to try us out, if you want.
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      Thank you for your input, nice to know that you are using 3dcart. I know you folks are free to try out, but 3dcart has an app installation fee, only for efulfillmentservice, which I am assuming is because of tighter integration(more development work), hence my request for input. Keep them coming. Thanks.


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        I'll be trying later this month, so I'll post details about my experience as soon as it happens.


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          We are very happy with an exclusive eCommerce Order Fulfillment center called FulfillRite Fulfillment and they are directly and seamlessly (automated) integrated with our 3dcart shopping cart platform. As well they do not charge any setup fees, its totally free too install while some others aren't free. No need to download, upload, reconcile or any extra steps).

          Its really a breeze to work with Fulfillrite Fulfillment, they have an excellent support team and offer many shipping methods/options.

          You can check them out for yourself with a free 30 day trail at

          Good Luck,