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  • Alternative to 3d's CRM

    We're looking for an alternative to 3d's built-in CRM. Does anyone have experience with or suggestions for a no-frills third-party CRM software?

    We need ....
    1) to be able to receive and attach files in the CRM
    2) to allow customers to reply to CRM directly from their email w/o having to log into their customer account.
    3) to have our own subdomain/URL for the CRM

    We do no need CRM to host a forum or knowledge base - we just need to correspond with customers.

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    I would be interested in this also.


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      I have been very satisfied with CapsuleCRM and was able to integrate it with my domain, email, 3dcart, etc.

      let me know if you have any questions.


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        Thanks, I signed up but I am having a hard time determining how I will integrate this with my business.

        How do you integrate it with your website, and email?

        Can you describe the workflow?

        I wish they had a video....


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          What I need is a system that organizes customer requests (email, phone, webforms, etc.) from multiple sources and allows multiple customer service representatives access to the communication thread. This way when one rep begins a service request, other reps can finish it, and everyone can see the open requests that need to be completed.

          Is there something out there like this?


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            Take a look at Smarter Track from Smarter Tools (they do the smarter mail 3d cart uses)
            We tried Smarter Ticket years ago, which has since been replaced by this Smarter Track. It is a good company and they make good products.


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              Are you using the hosted version of SmarterTrack or???

              How hard was it to integrate with your 3d cart?