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StoneEdge and 3DCart Order Status

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  • StoneEdge and 3DCart Order Status

    Anyone now how to configure StoneEdge so that orders will automatically have their order status updated in 3DCart? I've done the obvious steps as I see them, must be missing something.

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    A little more detail, I am following the instructions here:

    I notice that when I cancel an order in SEOM, orders revert to Canceled in 3DCart. However when I ship an order and process the tracking numbers, the status does not change to "Shipped"

    Also, is there any way to have tracking numbers automatically be sent to 3DC?


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      I'm trying to set up stone edge too. I think your issue may be helped by setting up the status system Maintenance Menu > Setup Functions > Status Events. You will need to set up the status column to match the name of the event in 3dcart. Ex. Event - Order Cancel, Order Status - Cancel. Then check the last column to notify the cart.

      That is the way I read it, but I haven't tried it yet.


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        Yes, it's the status events that trigger the changes. Ours is working properly, so I'll see about compiling a list of the events we use and what the settings are and will post them a little later today.


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          Thanks piaf !


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            Ok, in SEOM, go to:

            Maintenance > Order Status System (on left) > use arrow buttons at bottom to go to page 2 of that section.

            Here's the settings we use that Notify Cart (have a check in the checkbox of the last column). Make sure the Order Statuses match existing order status settings in your store:

            Event					Item Status		Order Status		Notify Cart
            Item Cancel				Item Canceled		-Blank-			Yes
            Item Set Actual Ship Date		Shipped			Shipped			Yes
            Item Set Expected Ship Date		Processing		Processing		Yes
            Order Add Tracking Number		Shipped			Shipped			Yes
            Order Cancel				-Blank-			Cancel			Yes
            Order Edit Tracking Number		-Blank-			Tracking Number Edited	Yes
            Order Import				-Blank-			Processing		Yes
            Order Set Actual Ship Date		Shipped			Shipped			Yes
            Order Uncancel				-Blank-			Processing		Yes


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              Thanks for your help Piaf! I will get that information added to the Stone Edge Knowledge Base, too.


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                Thanks Piaf. I still am having trouble. I didn't copy your settings exactly, but I don't think I should need to. Here is a screenshot of my status event screen:


                The order properly goes from New->Processing when I import the order. However when I:
                - Add tracking number to order in QuickShip Screen
                - Set Actual ship date
                - Do "process tracking numbers" activity in maintenance

                the order remains in "processing", I check between each step.

                Any advice?


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                  Well, now that we know Barney is around in these forums, maybe he can help address your questions. All I know for sure is that what I have set up on my installation of SEOM works properly so that's why I shared the settings. I do know that it takes a little bit of time from the point where I process the tracking numbers to when it updates the orders in 3dC, but it does work.

                  If Barney doesn't reply to you here, you might want to try posting your question as the SEOM forums, there's lots of people much more experienced than I am in SEOM over there. Barney, are you out there? :)


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                    One other thing, but I don't see that it should matter....

                    I process the shipping on the Order Screen (Shipping & Tracking tab) and so that's where my tracking numbers come from. I do not use the QuickShip screen. But again, I don't see how that would make any difference in how SEOM functions. But you never know...


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                      Diagnosing problems like that can get pretty tricky. Please contact the Stone Edge support team (support @, or call 610-994-3699 and press 2 for Support), and they will help you figure out how to get it working properly.


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                        Same result when I print from that tab Piaf.
                        I try to avoid calling support if at all possible. Those support credits are precious, I don't want to run out. :)


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                          After I clicked the "Process Tracking Numbers" link, it took about 7 minutes to update my cart and change the status of the orders from Processing to Shipped. So be sure and wait at least that long to know for sure.


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                            I gave it a good 15 minutes.


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                              Originally posted by Barney Stone View Post
                              Diagnosing problems like that can get pretty tricky. Please contact the Stone Edge support team (support @, or call 610-994-3699 and press 2 for Support), and they will help you figure out how to get it working properly.
                              It is not tricky-it is expensive. :eek: By default in SE you select 3dcart as the cart type the defaults in the order status labels will prevent 3dcart from getting "processing" to "shipped" status updates.

                              It cost us $100 in support time with a low level tech at Stone Edge to find out that for status to change from processing to shipped in 3dcart only the "Order Add Tracking Number" line can reference the word "shipped" or it will not work. Set ship date or any other field will not work. Do not have the word "shipped" on any other status even if the notify cart box is not checked.

                              :D Nice try Stone Edge, but you can't keep selling the same answers over and over and over to known common problems on these boards at $100 an hour because of out dated / incomplete instructions on a $2,000 program.
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