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    Is anyone currently using International Checkout? If so, what are your thoughts? It looks intriguing but their website is rather vague on pricing. It would appear that customer absorbs the costs. What is the cost to the customer?

    They "suggest" the store offer free shipping to get the order to their LA warehouse. Is there a way to configure an minumum checkout amount for the international order?

    Also, does the store owner have to supply the tariff codes with each order or do they figure them out themselves?

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    International Checkout

    I signed up for International Checkout and, while I do not plan on dropping the account I do not think what they are offering will work for most people.

    They mark up the cost of your merchandise 20% to the consumer and put it into the ship cost as a handling fee. They also suggest you offer them a discount in order to offset the handling cost to the consumer (which we gave them a 5% discount).

    So, if you have an item that sells for $1.00, your international consumer is going to pay them $1.20 for it. In our case since we are offering the company a 5% discount, they only pay $1.15 for it.

    We also extend them the free freight to their LA warehouse, but we are in California as well so those costs don't dd up to much.

    We had been hit with a lot of international fraud in the form of stolen CC numbers with a ship to in different places in South America. We actually had to stop taking orders from Argentina. So, on paper, the International Checkout service seemed like a good idea, and it still is I think.

    But, in a little over a month of using the service not a single order has come in through their service and I think we may actually be LOSING orders once people see the hefty fees associated with their shipping.

    Granted, a lot of people order from say the UK or Canada or wherever and never consider that, on top of all of the shipping they will pay, their government will STILL make them pay a VAT and other local tax before they can pick up their stuff. The INternational Checkout service lets people see what their local taxes will be before they place an order.

    I don't think these guys are going to gain any traction until they lower the handling fees to the international consumer, which might not be possible given what they have to go through in order to ship stuff and with the guarantees of insulation from fraud and lost orders.

    My suggestion would be if you have product that has a very very high mark-up where giving International Checkout a 20% discount on your merchandise will not kill your profit, then give them a try and extend the discount. Otherwise you will probably be in our position and have people STILL using our own checkout for international shipping.


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      Thanks for the info Dave! The free shipping to their CA warehouse is a big issue (we're in MA).


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        Actually the bigger the discount the smaller the handling fee - you start at 20% I give them 8% so they get 12% - we think it's a small price to pay to ship a package to a foreign country - we used to ship direct - try putting a trace on a 60 day old missing USPS package to Greece.

        We shipped a $4000 bird cage to New Zealand a few years back - one of the 3 120 pound boxes arrived damaged - It took me six weeks and a lot of pleading not have the customer reverse the CC charge.

        That said we just pulled Canada out of the mix and are now allowing our Canadian neighbors to order directly.

        If you are going to ship internationally you best learn all about CC BIN numbers