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POS - Quickbooks vs Stone Edge

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  • POS - Quickbooks vs Stone Edge

    I'm curious what other merchants that have POS systems are using between Quickbooks POS or Stone Edge?

    About 90% of the business online but when summer hits they travel around to different locations and the showroom gets much more traffic, probably tipping the scale to 65% online, 35% that would benefit from a POS.

    QB Pro is already being used to manage the financials and inventory of the business and that's why QB POS is being considered. I've done some comparison and listed my findings below.

    QB POS
    • Familiar QB interface
    • Comes with Scanner, cash drawer, printer, and card swipe
    • Seamless integration with QB
    • Load on laptop for remote locations
    • Only $1300 (ish)
    • Inventory Control

    Stone Edge
    • Handles Shipping
    • Licensed for 5 workstations
    • $3,000 - Negative
    • Seems to not be current with last V-release on 9/1/2009
    • More cumbersome setup and bridging to QB

    Anyone have any resounding reasons to stay away from one or the other?
    How about real-world experiences?


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    I have used both, but QB POS was back in 2007 before we went to StoneEdge.

    We do internet sales, phone orders and also travel to events where we sell retail. We do about 25-30 of the latter per season. We use QB for accounting.

    QB POS was fine. I did find it a little limiting on customization of receipts and a little limiting on hardware where it wanted thier hardware only. At the time we had a wireless CC terminal, so I did not do much with CC integration. At the time, it did not have a way to import remote sales back into the main system.

    SE is a very robust package, but as you noted you "pay" for it in a more complex setup. But, with SE, when you are done, you have a system that will import from any cart, make manual orders easy, handle shipping, send emails to customers and do a pretty good POS as well that will import into the main system.

    When we switched to StoneEdge POS, we also switched to an internet based credit card system for the road. The cards are run through SE and do not require anything except a internet connection. It looks like QB POS might still require a QB Merchant account. SE can use almost any merchant account.

    What do you mean on SE not being up to date? I thought they released a minor revision a few weeks ago?

    SE to QB export is easy and keeps the transaction history from killing your QB file.

    The Road Trip function works very well for us after some adapting. They design it for you to "check out" specific inventory for each trip/show, sell from that inventory and then re-import. Our mobile store doubles as a warehouse for many of our items and therefore we are working from it day to day so this did not work. We figured out a workaround that is pretty easy. The really nice thing about using thier road trip system is that the original orders are in the main system, so if someone calls later to make a return, you have the original ticket to work from.

    Overall, I think both systems are very good and can be made to work. That being said, I see QB POS as just a POS system.

    SE is a complete order management system which will change (improve IMO) many aspects of your business. We saw amazing productivity increases internally when moving to SE in order importing, shipping and order taking. Our customers also benefit from the order emails, tracking information, etc that they get automatically.

    HTH and I would be glad to answer specific questions if you have them,