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    Working with UPS to get set up on their Mail Innovations program. UPS account rep said we would simply create a label with our return address and the customers shipping address, they will create the shipping label. Is this correct?

    If this is the case, how does tracking work? If we dont create the label ourselves, how does tracking get past on to us and to our customers?

    Or did I misunderstand UPS?

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    We don't use the service, so I don't know how it integrates with the cart. I can tell you that the tracking of the packages using this service is a bit funny in that it won't give an exact delivery date. UPS handles the package with reliable tracking data up to a point. After that the tracking information will simply say that the package has been turned over to the USPS and no further information is available from that point on. We have steered away from it for that reason. It is confusing for the customer because they get a UPS tracking number, but the package is actually handed off to USPS who doesn't track it all.

    If you have good experiences with this program I would love to hear more about it. We were too skeptical to try it.
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions