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Anybody use/using MOM?

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  • Anybody use/using MOM?

    We are evaluating MOM as an order/warehouse management tool for our business. We sell on ebay, Amazon and 3DCart and will be using Channel Advisor as a new software platform. I know MOM has an integration with both CA and 3DC, and supposedly a 3DC and CA integration is coming soon.

    Does anyone have any experience using MOM, either in this configuration or other? Any advice or warnings?



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    Biggest problem with MOM is Dydacomp. They have real problems answering the phone or emails. Very poor customer service.


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      @jhkaplan. I suggest you take a look at Ordoro. We have users who have left MOM and come to us. We offer many of the same features as MOM in a web-based package. Ordoro is fully integrated to 3dcart and Amazon, and that means you can aggregate your orders across channels, print shipping labels (Fedex, UPS, USPS), manage inventory etc. We offer free phone support and our users really love the clean UI of the software.


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        I took a quick look at your site?

        Do you have a free trial? 15 days should be fine. I heard a lot of negative feedback from MOM. My boss just want to try it first before making the big leap.
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          Ship manager software

          The salesman from Dynacomp got in my face when we started to look at it - real bad move on his part

          Shipworks has it idiosynchrocies but we've been using it since they first came on the market in 2003 - I think it covers all the platforms your on.

          They're never not improving it - phone support 2 - 6hrs - forum support is quicker

          ShipWorks Shipping Software for Your Online Business