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Does anyone think the new Smarter Mail is stupid?

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  • Does anyone think the new Smarter Mail is stupid?

    Sorry... I HATE the new Smarter Mail program. It doesnt remember settings, ie it NEVER remembers the "dont show this again" screen. Also, logging in is hit and miss - have been trying to log in for 2 hours and nothing. Some days I have to refresh the screen 8-12 times before it logs in. A small window says "Processing" and that smart mail is loading. Its HORRIBLE. Actually thinking of going back to Yahoo Mail.

    Its a flop.

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    I saw little, if any, improvement. Sorry.
    IE 8


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      We have seen much better stability since the upgrade. Our email had been crashing pretty much every day for a while. So, while I can't say that I love the new Smarter Mail, at least is seems to work all the time. We did have that same login problem one day, but all we did was close the window and reopen and then it logged on right away.
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