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  • Buysafe?

    Just entered an order for a customer using my email address so the receipt came to me. And since I use Buysafe - they also emailed me (as purchaser). I think that email is confusing to customers and overkill - thinking of taking Buysafe off. I currently buy the "insurance" for my customers. Any other opinions on whether buysafe actually helps conversion rates?

    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store

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    I buy on the internet all the time and if I isolated my buying to only sites that have the buysafe logo My buying would be over.

    Truth is everybody wants a piece of YOUR PIE. You can give it to them if you want just keep in mind that I will let you put my logo on your site too for just 5% of your action. ;)

    Most important is for your site to look professional w/out the smoke-free home crap, cause that does not. :)

    My .02
    Go Live Industries


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      I am with you.. I think BUYsafe and other security monitors etc, are just trying to get a piece of your work. If the site scream quality I don't think these services add that much. If the site does not scream quality, they I would as a consumer wonder if the seal they put on your site is fake or real in the first place. Never noticed a Buy safe on amazon or sears, or apples sites, have you?
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