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    Hello fellow 3dcart users - my question is about the live chat feature...

    Can you monitor your site without going Live ? I noticed that when I click to monitor via the help center in Live Chat it logs on. Also, when just using the dashboard...under active users it does show each different page....just the homepage....! From reading the forums about this....many people say you can see what page a visitor is on....I haven't experienced that just yet...

    Do you have to turn on the monitor to see where they are on the site or dashboard ?



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    To track visitors you need to add tracking code to the pages you want to track.

    There is a help manual you can download:
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      I have the code installed.....just trying to understand about the monitoring aspect of it - I have read the manual...and maybe missed it. But however, my question for someone who actually uses the feature to monitor/track - must you be logged on "live" to see - or can you monitor this being offline as well ? Thanks

      each page is what I missed earlier - I actually have it on the footer - so I thought that would cover each page.....

      Thanks again!
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        Maybe you have not installed the tracker code properly?
        On my case, everything seems to be working fine when the code has been posted and saved.
        I hope your problem can be fixed
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          We tried the LiveChat and found that it had several problems. Instead, we switched to using Woopra. They will give you a wealth of data very easily, and with Woopra you can choose to have the chat icon turned on or off as you wish. That enables you to see the live traffic while remaining invisible to the users if you aren't able to chat at any given time. They also have a desktop app, so we run the Woopra app on our iPhones or use the desktop app as a separate window on our computers. We love it.
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