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EBay, Amazon, 3dCart Integration - Did you know?

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  • EBay, Amazon, 3dCart Integration - Did you know?


    I am not sure whether most 3dCart users know this but there is a 3rd party software package that integrates all your Amazon, eBay and 3dcart orders in to one place. It synchronises inventory between sales channels, allows you to print custom invoices, integrates with your shipping agents, has an Amazon repricer etc., etc., etc.
    I'm not going to go into detail as I am not trying to sell the software. I have no association with the software apart from being a user. In fact I had to pay hundreds of pounds to have it integrated with 3dCart so am a bit sore after having to do that.

    I mentioned the software to Jimmy Rodriguez a few months back but at the time I was disenchanted over it. I found the literature poor and the integration very hard to get to grips with so at the time I don't believe there was anything that 3dCart would want to shout about.
    But now I have a different opinion. The support has improved, the software has improved and the literature has also improved. After perserverance and a very steep learning curve I can do nothing but recommend this solution. It saves me hours of work each day. It saves me money. I would hate to go back to not having it. I did look at other solutions before going down this route but they were WAY too expensive for me. This solution can be used for free now if you want to in it's basic form (I pay £40 a month for my package).

    If anyone wants to ask me questions on it please feel free but I only use the software for a fraction of what it can provide so am not an expert. Complex questions are best directed to the vendor of the software (I do not use it for Amazon yet, I am just getting in to that).

    The software is called Linnworks at Linnworks | Order Management Software | Stock Control System

    Again, I want to be clear, I have no links to the company. I just want to share my experiences if it helps anybody.


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    Another option to achieve the same is Ordoro. Our inventory management software is fully integrated to 3dcart (so no need to pay hundreds of pounds to have it integrated) and Amazon. And Ordoro can keep inventory in sync between all these systems. Ordoro can also print shipping labels (Fedex, UPS, USPS). And we have good documentation and offer great free phone support.

    We are currently working with Jimmy Rodriguez to create more awareness about Ordoro in the 3dcart community.


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      Dean thanks for the post. Linnworks looks great and I am giving it a test drive to see if it can replace our in house system. What is not clear is how well Linworks supports USA sellers since they are based in the UK. Do you know if it works well for USA sellers?


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        I don't want to hijack the thread but having tried out ordoro I can say it seems to be lacking a lot of useful functionality. Just one example would be some way to bulk print packing lists. It seems you have to click on each individual shipment to print a packing list.

        (there are other reasons I can't use it like no direct or eBay support.)


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          Hi Nathan,

          I can't comment on support for US customers as I have no experience.
          I think the main difference between using the software in the UK and in the US is going to be the shipping integration. I don't yet integrate with the shipping side of things. I currently use it for inventory synchronisation, order collation and invoice printing. I was happy to pay my £40 a month just for the inventory integration and synchronisation.
          However there is so much more to it with sales reporting, stock checking and reconciliation and other stuff that I haven't even read in to yet.
          There's a good forum too like this one with plenty of folks participating.
          Your best bet is to call them or "chat" to them (there is an online chat feature on their homepage).
          There's a guy called Artem that usually answers the sales queries and I am sure he will be able to assist you (he did me with all my pre-purchase questions).
          I did mention in my original post that it cost £100's of pounds to integrate. This was a one off fee for me for the software to be integrated with 3dcart. Now that it's integrated no one else has to pay this fee.
          I did ask on the 3dCart feature request board (the one where you cast your votes for new features) if someone wanted share the costs with me but got no takers. But I went and did it anyway and am happy I did.



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            Is anyone else using them? Dean, are you still using them?

            Linnworks looks pretty impressive. I've been watching some of their videos on Youtube.

            Looks pretty good for stores that want to list and ebay and amazon. Of course it handles order management and and shipping as well. It's a bit out of my budget for now but I'll definitely keep them in mind.


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              Yes, I still use it. I wouldn't be able to operate my business efficiently without it and I recommend it to anyone who sells online.
              I have now added Amazon so along with 2 eBay channels and my 3dcart site I have everything synchronising perfectly. In the UK I have just integrated with the UK mail service Royal Mail to make things even easier.
              You say it is out of your budget at the moment? Well there is a free version which wasn't around when I first started. It may be lacking in some aspects but it is a lot better than using nothing and will of course be in your budget.
              I now use the Anywhere version but started with the local version.
              You've just got to remember that there is a steep learning curve and a lot of persistence is needed within the first month (my opinion). But once you get it set up how you would like it you will never regret the time and effort you put in to get it started.
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