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Webgility eCC vs Stone Edge

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  • Webgility eCC vs Stone Edge

    We have been on 3dcart for 3 years, Stone Edge for 3 months.

    Does anyone have any + or - experience with Webgility that also has some Stone Edge user operation and setup experience to compare to?

    We are looking at the 3dcart app store and Webgility + Quickbooks POS looks like a good marriage up front.

    How is support? Does Webgility have support responses of 1 or 2 days for their older customers and not just those within the money back guaranty window? 1 week responses like we have now won't work.

    Is their documentation up to date and complete enough the you can get the program setup and running without hours of answer sleuthing only to find out later that only tech support has the secret answer at a price?

    Is it accurate with Quickbooks?

    Sorry so many ?????s
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    Webgility eCC for 3dcart


    Our software, eCC, integrates with 3dcart and QuickBooks POS! You can try it out for free for 15 days.

    A little about our support services:
    - We offer support during the trial period
    - Our response time is about 24 hours
    - We have subscription plans that are easy to sign up and manage, and it includes support and eCC upgrades
    - eCC supports the latest QuickBooks versions: Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Point of Sale (PC editions)

    For more information, feel free to contact us at (877) 753-5373 or visit our website


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      I have experience with all three. There are pros and cons to both; Webgility is surprisingly good for certain things. I was a longtime 3DC/Stoneedge user and I felt(and still do)pretty guilty because they're a great company and great people. However, as someone starting a new co. on a limited budget, I went with Webgility.

      PM me for more details.