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Quickbooks Plugin Item Error Due To Options?

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  • Quickbooks Plugin Item Error Due To Options?


    Have done a ton of test runs of the QB plugin with no problems. Finally today is the day for the real thing and I get an import error in the plugin - "Item Error"

    I went through the order in question and the only thing I can figure is that a "part number" added as part of the product option selection process is what's causing the problem.

    My item number in 3dcart and in QB (because I imported the item list via the plugin) is KK-2.

    When I look at the order in 3dcart, I see item KK-2-2W where the "-2W" is a part number from the product options page.

    The QB plugin should recognize that this is a KK-2 item and let the invoice be imported into QB.

    I'm sure there are plenty of you out there with a lot more products, a lot more options, and a lot more orders than us. How are you handling this flaw in the QB plugin?


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    3DCart/QB Item Numbers

    Just Poppin,
    My understanding is that the actual item # in 3 D Cart and QB must be exactly the same for the transfer of information to work properly. Therefore, if you have options for your items in 3DC, each of those options must have a separate item # in QB.

    I have a similiar situation, one degree more challenging - I sell pants -

    Pant skus are received at Osmium based on:
    i.Style – (Mariner, Departure)
    ii.Waist size – (30, 31, 32…)
    iii.Color – (Graphite, Slate)
    iv.All pants come hemmed to 34”

    Pant skus are sold to customers based on:
    i.Style – (Mariner, Departure)
    ii.Waist size – (30, 31, 32…)
    iii.Color – (Graphite, Slate)
    iv.Inseam – (30”, 32”, 34”)

    Pants that are received with a 34” inseam and sold with a 30” or 32” inseam will be hemmed before shipment.
    d. Pants that are sold with 30” or 32” inseams that are returned to Osmium for refund will be put back into inventory.
    e. All inventory items are linked between QB and the on-line shopping cart software (3D Cart).
    f. 3D Cart can be set to display (on line) only items that are in stock. This is generally a great idea, but is thrown off if I have 34” inseams in stock that can be made into 30” or 32” inseams but have not yet been hemmed.
    g. Hemming pants before they are sold will negate the advantage of receiving unhemmed pants.
    h. Pants are currently inventory assemblies because I purchase the bulk of the raw materials and have them delivered to the cut and sew contractor.
    i. What is the best way to account for the receipt and sale of pants?

    Mark P


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      Jeez, Mark P, I thought WE had inventory issues. :eek:

      I put in a ticket about this and tech support said that if I had used "advanced" options instead of regular options, then the complete SKU for the item plus the option would have exported (and thus been imported into QB).

      Unfortunately, I don't see that this is the case for any of the items that DID have advanced options implemented.

      I'm hoping someone with some experience in this area and who has solved the problem can comment.


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        I am having the same problem. Almost all of my items have advanced / extended options with Product ID "add-ons" for each option. As such, almost 90% of my orders failed to import.

        Did you get any resolution?



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          Wondering if any update for this.