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SEOM one order will not download

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  • SEOM one order will not download

    We've been using Stone Edge to process our orders since March and have not had this problem before. A customer placed an order on Friday, but credit card was declined so the order was marked as incomplete. Today the customer calls to give correct credit card information and we pull up the incomplete order and use the virtual terminal to process the credit card. Then we change the order from incomplete to unpaid and then from unpaid to new. SEOM won't download it. All the other orders download fine today, just not this one. Any ideas of how to get it to download to SEOM? Anyone else have this happen? If so, how did you resolve?

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    This has happened to us once or twice. I couldn't figure it out either and ended up hand entering the order into SEOM and manually chaging its status in 3d.



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      Thanks Dave. I guess that's what we'll do.


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        As an FYI StoneEdge had a bug at one point where it wouldn't pull in 3dcart orders if they were older than what StoneEdge showed as being the most recent import. We had that pop up a couple of times and StoneEdge came in and showed us how to reset the number it looks at. I THINK this issue was resolved in one of the patches however, so if you are on the most up to date 5.9 version it shouldn't occur.



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          We had that problem when importing all our old orders into Stone Edge the first time, but have not had it since. We are on 5.92
          Since this happened we have had other incomplete orders that were completed by us later and they have all imported fine, so I don't know what happened with that 1 order.